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Bambi, Chinatown, Blazing Saddles and Barbarella


Taos Center for the Arts invites you to our week-long 35mm celebration! This is the completion of the final phase of our capital campaign that raised dollars to create a film program capable of doing it all: Digital, DVD, Blu-Ray and Film. Thanks once again to the community of Taos for your support. 35mm Film Bash Schedule:

Saturday 9/16 Chinatown 6pm
Saturday 9/16 Barbarella 9pm
Sunday 9/17 Bambi FREE 2pm
Sunday 9/17 Chinatown 7pm
Monday 9/18 Chinatown 7pm
Tuesday 9/19 Chinatown 7pm
Wednesday 9/20 Blazing Saddles 7pm
Thursday 9/21 Blazing Saddles 7pm
Friday 9/22 Blazing Saddles 6pm
Friday 9/22 Barbarella 9pm
Saturday 9/23 Bambi FREE 2pm
Saturday 9/23 Blazing Saddles 6pm
Saturday 9/23 Barbarella 9pm

To read details about each film, go to our online TCA Calendar by clicking here

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