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Sight Unseen

A TCA Event Extraordinaire
Sunday March 17th

4:00 pm wine and refreshments – Encore Gallery
5:00 pm sharp Sight Unseen Show – Stables Gallery

A first in Taos; a fun fundraiser shrouded in mystery to take place at the Taos Center for the Arts on St Patrick’s Day. Sixty, 6” x 8” works of art created by recognized and beloved Taos artists will be for sale for $125. The mystery is no one will know who created the work of art until the piece is purchased. All works will be signed on the back thus “Sight Unseen”. The art will be exhibited in the Stables Gallery, but not seen until the designated hour of 5pm when doors will open for viewing and purchase. Works may or may not be easily recognizable. Collectors will choose with their heart as they see the piece that captures their eye. They will be forced to rethink preconceptions of how art is made, judged, bought, and sold. Is it the signature that sets the value? Is it square-inches of surface? Or is it simple, pure aesthetics? One thing for sure, this will be a rare opportunity to own a Taos original for less than the cost of dinner for two – and to support the TCA. Thanks to the 60 artists’ generosity and willingness to let their art be sold for a fraction of its value.
The Artists:
Nora Anthony, Larry Bell, Suzanne Betz, Kathleen Brennan, Jina Brenneman, Judy Buffaloe, Lisa Burke, Dan Cassidy, Linda Michel-Cassidy, Art Clark, Gary Cook, Michelle Cook, Ron Cooper, Conrad Cooper, Patti Day, Dora Dillistone, Donna Dufresene, Lenny Foster, Teresa Gray, Leigh Gusterson, David Hinske, Peggy Immel, Lynda Jasper-Vogel, Elizabeth Jose, Kristine Keheley, Steve Kilborn, Randall LaGro, Sandra Lerner, Claire Libin, Ron Lopez, Jennifer Lynch, Paula Madappa, Jeremy McDonnell, Deborah McLean, Ouray Meyers, Jane Mingenbach, Leah Mingenbach, Mary Moegenburg, Ginger Mongiello, Dienke Nauta, Marcia Oliver, Nancy Ortenstone, Pierre de Lattre, Bob Parker, Paul Pascarella, Betsy Pierce, Amy Rankin, Margery Reading, Sienna Sanderson, Brian Shield, John Schrup, Mel Scully, Tracy Turner Sheppard, Geraint Smith, Jack Smith, Anne Taft, Lina THewlis, Mimi Ting, Judy VanHeyst, Harry Vedoe, Jim Wagner, Suzanne Wiggin, Betsy Williams, Thom Wheeler, Katie Woodall, Pat Woodall, Barbara Zaring and Zoe Zimmerman.

The event is preceded by a gathering at 4pm with wine and refreshments in the Encore Gallery, themed green for St Patrick’s Day. This is a one day only event, a do not miss and a must purchase.

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